Forklift Load Test

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CHAPTER 10 FORKLIFT TRUCKS . Forklift Operator Test - Brought to you by

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10.4.2 FORK LOAD TEST Forklift truck load tests are not routinely required. a. Load INSPECTOR: Shall verify all steps below.

ANNEXURE - 2D Page 1 FORKLIFT LOAD TEST REPORT – GODREJ 300D 1. 1.1 1.2 1.3 EQUIPMENT DETAILS: Name of the Equipment Capacity and Load Center Equipment Identification No, G300D Godrej...

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13. Traveled with load at proper height. 14. Lowered load smoothly/slowly.

Load the test weight onto the forklift. Ensure that the load slippage is not more than three inches vertically and one inch horizontally.

Of the three load positions illustrated above, which is most stable? 1) 1.

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Forklift Side-loader RESOURCES Required • Machine A15 Technical Test – Practical Side-loader forklift with: – a seatbelt, ROPS and FOPS units – standard forks Area • Flat surface for...

Description of Physical Load Test: Forklift Truck: From data plate and load chart use rated capacity and load centre, use 100% load.

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failing to check for adequate clearance around the forklift and load path.  Forklift truck load tests are not routinely required.

Question Excerpt From Forklift Operator Test - Brought to you by Q.1) The forklift load chart shows a rating of 2220 kg at a 600 mm load center.

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We have a range of certified loads for the testing of masts to lift the truck’s rated capacity. The correct lift and tilt relief pressures play a big part in this load test.

Forklift Safety Test. Forklift Training Overview. Training reduces risk. Check controls before starting. Know how to handle situations. Wear proper equipment. Make sure you can see.

If your primary use for the forklift is loading and unloading trucks, you may not need much height at all; if your warehouse has shelves 30’ high, that is a pretty...